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Wedding Insurance Statistics

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So your wedding is coming up soon, and no doubt you are getting excited about the happy times ahead. I need to give you a little information about wedding insurance first however, but I’ll try to make this as light-hearted and positive as possible. Each year about 1 in 500 people in the UK has a heart attack, and around 1 in 500 people in the UK each year is involved in a car accident. A staggering 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from food poisoning each year, and there are many similar statistics for a variety of other illnesses, accidents and events which are likely to have a serious impact on the probability of weddings being able to go ahead.Find more info on wedding insurance the Most Reliable Place.

How am I doing as far as being light-hearted is concerned? Still feeling positive? You should do, because statistically 2 in 3 weddings goes without a hitch, or at least without anything serious going wrong. There is almost never a wedding where absolutely everything goes right; the least you can hope for is that the things that do go wrong are only fairly minor ones that won’t make very much difference.

The reason I’m giving you these statistics is because a great many people each year believe that their wedding will be virtually untouchable, and that therefore it is not important to really worry about wedding insurance very seriously, and that even if they do take out a policy, their wedding insurance valuation needn’t be for the full value of the actual wedding.

Each year in the UK there are around a quarter of a million weddings. That’s a staggering number, and as I said, out of every three weddings two will run reasonably smoothly. But that still means that one in three weddings will either have to be postponed, or face some calamity that is likely to cost a significant sum of money. In real terms that’s about 83,000 weddings which go wrong.

Now there’s no need to worry about it, because in most cases there is nothing you can do to prevent the unforeseen from happening. That’s really what unforeseen things are all about, they’re pretty difficult to foresee. But statistics are rather hard things to avoid, even if filling out a wedding insurance policy application is. None of us like to think that anyone close to us, either family or friends, will suffer from a heart attack, be involved in a car accident, or go down with food poisoning. These are just three eventualities which happened very frequently, and I’m quite sure that once you’ve finished reading this article you’ll be to come up with heaps more.

But they are just statistics, and not something that you should worry about on a daily basis. But as long as the statistics I’ve mentioned have made you think a little bit more seriously, then you might be able to appreciate a little better why it is so important to take out wedding insurance. Remember, every year in the UK around 83,000 couples rely on wedding insurance saving the day. If you don’t take out insurance, the shock of the bill might be more than sufficient to result in yet another statistic dropping to the floor.

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